The Line

of Difass International S.r.l.

Generix, is a Business Unit of Difass International S.r.l., a company that designs, formulates, develops and finally realizes Nutraceuticals, Medical devices and Dermocosmetics with a high technical and scientific content. The products of the Generix Line are the result of Difass International most accurate and advanced scientific research in the phytonutritional field and, due to their specificity, they are exclusively dispensed through Medical Prescription.

The commitment of Difass International is constantly directed towards the creation of new products that guarantee, both to the Medical Practitioners and to the patients, high quality standards and efficiency: this is made possible by the daily efforts of our own Research and Development team that, with high professionalism and promptness, designs a list of products available to many medical specialists. The products of the Generix Line are present on the entire national territory thanks to an increasingly growing and qualified network of Medical representatives.

Strong of the results and of the scientific evidence available to us, we felt it was time to expand our business internationally, and today the Generix Line products are available in several countries of the world.